Feature film by Jan Speckenbach OneTwo Films 2017 premiered at the 50th Locarno Film Festival 2017 role: supervising sound designer, re-recording mixer   “At some time or another, idly or with intent, most of us have surely wondered about disappearing. What if I rode this bus until the end of the line and then just kept walking? What if I grabbed my passport and drove to the airport? What if I went out for cigarettes and never came home? The seductive romance that clings to the idea is in part down to the multiplicity of these what-ifs, but German director Jan Speckenbach’s intriguing, sincere, if somewhat overreaching sophomore feature “Freedom” starts with the dice already rolled.” (Variety) The film’s sound design aims to bring the viewer closer to Nora’s experience and Phillip’s trauma. At the same time it needs to give the actors enough room and authenticity and the audience the possibility to judge the controversal plot for themselves. Apart from historical recordings and songs (by Marlene Dietrich and others) the film doesn’t contain any score music.